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Another client blows the whistle on traffickers

A trafficker, Anastassios Papas, in the Oxford area has been convicted of sex trafficking offences.  He is due to sentenced on January 21st. (If they can find him).  What the BBC story fails to mention, is he was caught because of a concerned man who called the police.

A quote from the Oxford  Times from the 53 year old client.

Last night the 53-year-old customer, whose tip-off sparked the police enquiry said: “I found their details online and, after seeing pictures of women on the website, called them up.

“I couldn’t’ believe it when I saw the girl they sent around. She must have been 13 years old at most.

“There’s no way at all you could have mistaken her for an adult. It made me feel sick.

“I thought about what I should do and I realised I had no other option but to call the police.”

The customer, who lives in Oxford and cannot be named for legal reasons, added: “What they did is disgusting.

“I know I use prostitutes and that’s something that most men and women will find uncomfortable.

“But the trafficking of women, and especially children, is morally deplorable.”

This man came forward and reported his concerns to the police and gave evidence at the court hearing.  Imagine what would have happened in countries like Sweden and America where the purchase of sex is a crime.  I don’t believe many clients in those countries where they are targetted as criminals would have reported this under age trafficking crime to the police even anonymously. This client thankfully had the opportunity to report the crime, and give evidence without fear of prosecution.

Further criminalisation of the sex industry would not have helped the victim of this  crime.  In case you are wondering, the traffickers was arrested in January, before the new legislation criminalising the ‘promise to pay for  sexual services from someone coerced’.  This client would now  potentially be breaking the law, and have less incentive to report the trafficking to the police.

4 comments on “Another client blows the whistle on traffickers

  1. Douglas Fox
    3 December, 2010

    Of course the abolitionists would argue that they target clients because clients encourage prostitution by purchasing sexual services.

    Reality of course is that seller and buyer are equally guilty if you consider consensual sex a crime.

    Reality is that criminalising consensual activity will only encourage criminals to exploit both buyers and sellers who will be more frightened of the law than of criminals.

    But of course the anti’s don’t care. This is a moral crusade and has nothing to do with human rights or justice.


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  3. Douglas Fox
    11 December, 2010

    Yep funny how selective the media can be when they are reporting on some stories.

  4. ms JUSTICE
    24 October, 2011

    For the record a 13 year old girl was never found. The man who happened to be a first time offender is waisting in jail and the media have taken the clients story without ever doubting it on board.

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