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Who pays the piper?

A shorter version of this will be appearing in The Occupied Times. It is common for the British to look at the American system of lobbying government and smile disdainfully. … Continue reading

28 January, 2013 · 6 Comments

Evangelicals, Feminists, and The Rescue Industry

I came across this interview on an excellent sex worker rights FB page called Coyote which you can support “HERE” . It is an interview where Melissa Gira Grant who … Continue reading

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Siobhan McMahon

  I’m more than a little confused by this MSP. I’ll get to the main reason in a minute, but the confusion was deepened when I saw this tweet. He … Continue reading

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“Are they bad girls or brilliant?”A Harlots review of a brilliant book by Aphrodite Phoenix.

I was delighted to be congratulated by Aphrodite Phoenix on a paper that I recently presented at the Brunel university sexual cultures conference. Aphrodite asked me if I would be … Continue reading

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Sex work,pleasure or rebellion. Paper presented at Brunel University 21st April 2012.

This is my paper that I presented at the Sexual Cultures Conference held at Brunel University in April 21st 2012.It seemed to be well received. They are a collection of … Continue reading

23 April, 2012 · 5 Comments

RAIDS ON GODDESS TEMPLES ARE RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION… Understanding sacred sexuality and sacred prostitution.

This video is accessible at bottom of page The recent raids on the Goddess temples in the USA are a sad reminder of how badly our society is damaged by … Continue reading

22 September, 2011 · 5 Comments

THE PROBLEM WITH THE SEXUAL CENSORSHIP DEBATE…from the understanding of a pagan sex worker.

This is part of an idea for a chapter I am working on for a book examining organic Feminism/an understanding of sex and human sexuality from a pagan sex worker … Continue reading

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I would like to offer all of our readers and authors a very Merry and joyful festive season. A big thank you for all of your contributions through out the … Continue reading

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It would appear that the catholic church has at last approved the use of condoms for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and infections such as HIV. There has been … Continue reading

24 November, 2010 · 1 Comment