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Douglas asked me to publish his recent talk at Durham University. Comments welcome as always. THE CENTRE FOR SEX GENDER AND SEXUALITIES SEX GEN SEMINAR SEX WORK IN THE NORTH … Continue reading

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I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and that we are all looking forward to a prosperous new year. For sex workers 2014 has been a mixed bag. Here … Continue reading

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These are just initial thoughts for a much longer piece. Comments are welcome. I have not put links in this piece but will in the next. Male and trans sex … Continue reading

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Comeback: Why the Nordic Model harms women

Posted from the Feminist Times Independent escort Laura Lee and the English Collective of Prostitutes respond to RadFemUK’s piece on the European Parliament’s vote in favour of adopting the Nordic … Continue reading

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It is hard to express the sinking feeling, the feeling of disappointment and of utter disbelief that I felt when I read that the Edinburgh saunas had been raided. Read … Continue reading

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Julie Bindel, bless her little cotton socks, is “managing editor” of a magazine not owned by her or Paul Burston, called “Gaze – A Modern Review”. One of her leading … Continue reading

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How To Be A Feminist Ally to Sex Workers | The Life and Works of Olive Seraphim

This is something that was inspired by the diatribe of bullshit I have dealt with from non sex worker feminists as of late. To be honest, I have all but … Continue reading

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Criminalising clients has nothing to do with gender equality.

This is part of a longer work talking about gender equality and how it is being used by some feminists to justify the criminalisation of clients and the stigmatisation of … Continue reading

23 February, 2013 · 5 Comments

Rape is a human right

This is the most hate fill post I have read in a long time. Conflating sex work with rape. Does this person hate all men, she most definitely hates sex-work, … Continue reading

1 February, 2013 · 39 Comments

17th December, International day to End Violence against sex workers.

Today was international day to end violence against sex workers. Sex workers exist in every culture and in every nation. Sex workers, male, female and trans work in a diverse … Continue reading

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