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S.P.A.N.K is not a reference to a service but rather stands for Service Providers Against Negative Knowledge – Campaigning Group. It is a new face Book group began to speciffically Challenge the myths and mistatements which abound in relation to the Pay 4 Pleasure arena.

Primarily the groups is designed to challenge journalists and other organisations when they misrepresent and attempt to remove the dignity from workers in the Pay 4 Pleasure arena. Spank challenges governments in their attempt to make the Pay 4 Pleasure arena illegal for the sellers, as well as the buyers.

If you would like to join this group or are able to contribute to this campaign for justice then the link is ” HERE”.


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2 comments on “S.P.A.N.K

  1. elrond
    3 December, 2010

    The ‘Here’ link does not work, I could not find the group on facebook, there are many Spank face book groups.

  2. Douglas Fox
    3 December, 2010


    Sorry about that but when I posted the link worked but for some reason the email address has dissappeared….

    But working now I hope.

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