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A fellow activist Norma Jean Almodovar is urgently seeking comments from sex workers who have used an online forum, like Backpage, to find clients. Norma is compiling a list of comments to support the argument that online resources facilitate sex workers ability to contact clients and control their work without using a third party, i.e. pimp. The deadline is short,a matter of days, so if you can help contact details and information are below:

Everyone who has ever used an online forum to find clients- we need your comments. Was it helpful to you? Did it give you the opportunity to work without a ‘pimp’? Are you in better control of your work because you use a resource like backpage?

I don’t want your real name- I just want a comment- a sentence or two or three- about how being able to use the internet to find clients has empowered you.

There is an upcoming hearing in DC for the backpage people and they need to have the media hear our voices. If you wish to comment on how backpage and other similar venues have helped you, PLEASE take a moment and send me your comments. Email is best and you can reach me at normajeanalmodovar@gmail.com or private message me. Use an email address which does not have your real name and please don’t use your real name unless you are “out” and everyone knows it.

I will be posting the comments on my website: http://www.policeprostitutionandpolitics.com and giving the link to the media so they know that we are not all victims and we can speak for ourselves! Thanks. If you have any questions, please private message me! And feel free to share this with SW around the world. After all, the internet helps all of us- wherever we live!

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