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Hi, I was contacted last week by  Hannah, a journalist for the sun online regarding an article she is working on about experiences with in the sex industry. Her contact email is listed below. 

As always I warn sex workers to be careful when talking to reporters and warn them not to be afraid to say no to questions which are intrusive or which may compromise your security or anonymity, if that is important to you. That said it is important that we talk to the media to give our truths about our work.


Regards Douglas.


I’m working on a feature for The Sun Online and am looking to speak to some people involved with the sex industry for it.

It’s a look at what sex work in the UK means today. I’m hoping to speak to several people from different backgrounds who either have been, or are, involved with it.

I’d like to find out whether there are new types of the work becoming more common in 2016 too, or new demographics involved in the industry.

I’m primarily focusing on women, but I’m interested in talking to men and transgender people too.

I’m keen to speak to students who use sex work to support themselves and mums and dads who do the same. Perhaps there are new parts of the industry which aren’t so well known of, like web cam work or phone lines once were. It’s those sort of things I’d like to tap in to.

If anyone would like to speak to me about their experiences, please get in touch on Hannah.ferrett@thesun.co.uk

Many thanks,


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