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Harlots Parlour is Closing

Harlots parlour is closing.
Due to continuing lies and partially because of my health I have made the decision to close Harlots Parlour in 7 days time. If anyone would like to take over please message me or email dearharlot@googlemail.com
I believe that the UK sex worker rights movement needs the voice of an organisation that reflects the industry rather than the political ideology of a tiny vociferous group who sadly control what monies are available for a rights movement and who maliciously discredit and malign any voices that do not agree with their politicised interpretation of sex workers rights. It’s not normally in my nature to give in to bullying and lies, but on this occasion I have decided to put my health first and retire. I remain totally committed to the fight for decriminalisation and will continue to work to that end privately.


6 comments on “Harlots Parlour is Closing

  1. pycraftsworld
    12 February, 2016

    Reblogged this on Pycraftsworld’s Weblog.

  2. Richard
    12 February, 2016

    Many thanks for your hard work over a long time, Douglas. A pity you’ve had to take this step, but sometimes a tactical retreat is the right answer.

  3. Aphrodite Phoenix
    12 February, 2016

    You’ve been brave and tireless and a great example to us all, Douglas. Get
    the rest you need and know that you are loved.

  4. KimberlyC
    25 February, 2016

    Would you like some help? This is a valuable website and I’m sure there are people who would want to help keep it going.

    • harlotsvicky
      9 March, 2016

      Possibly. I have been let down so often in the past with people promising to do stuff and then not ding anything or half starting and then disappearing. Its basically admin, trying to persuade new writers and looking at what can be done. Sadly none of this funded so there is no money to spend which puts a lot of people off. It’s all work and little if nay reward. If your interested contact Douglas on douglasfox4@gmail.com

  5. Dov Rob
    25 February, 2016

    Just found this blog, while trying to research the history of prostitution in Glasgow, unsuccessfully. Really sorry to hear you are closing this blog, though wish yourself and all involved future strength in your endevours.

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