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I asked if any sex workers would like to submit their reviews of 2015 from their perspective. I received the following from Michelle. If anyone else would like to submit a review of their year, or of sex work in general, how sex work has changed for the better or worse in your part of the world, or for you personally, then please send your review to Vicky or Douglas as dearharlot@googlemail.com and I will be happy to publish it as a single review or as part of a collection of reviews. Please send before the 1st of January if possible.


For me 2015 was a year of transition as I ended an overly-complex relationship and completed my move from long-term agency representation to complete independence. I really like my new web site with its exuberant photos. I have never felt so confident in my own skin.

My clients were very supportive of my move and I traveled more in 2015 than in the preceding three years. I began an in-depth exploration of my own sexuality with numerous duos, organized orgies, Skype sessions, and BDSM-coursework with a willing partner/FWB. It’s so invigorating!

Financially I did well but still need to pay off some short-term debt incurred with buying my condo. I really don’t want for much and the future looks very bright and fulfilling.

Demimondaine Michelle Starr’s

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One comment on “SEX WORKER REVIEWS OF 2015.

  1. Aphrodite Phoenix
    27 December, 2015

    “I have never felt so confident i n my own skin.” I wish the world understood that this is the way an independent, work-empowered, emotionally healthy sex worker usually feels.

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