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An army friend of mine said that p*** poor planning produces p*** poor performance. I totally embrace that in my daily routine and in how I prepare to meet a client. I want to be professional and I want to be thought of as quality. My day begins with all the things needed to produce the opposite of the seven P’s.

Had my customary long shower this morning and admired fact that I had invested in a full Hollywood wax last weekend. I know a client adores his guy to be silky smooth where the business end really matters and must say I find it totally sensuous to know that I am totally smooth there. Simply love the feeling. Spent some time selecting my underwear for the day too as this always boosts my confidence and gives me a lift when I know I’m looking good when I am undressed. I think underwear turns on the mind and enhances the actual experience of sex so much; it is worth spending time getting it right and investing in real quality. Also packed my condom selection and the usual lubes, oils and toys and set off for work at mid-day.

I met “Andrew” yesterday at a bar as agreed just off Piccadilly. Was totally taken by the fact he was open about meeting me and that he kissed me on the cheek on my arrival. I think that shows so much about how the appointment was going to go. He was a confident guy, mid-fifties and quality clothes. Love a guy to look stylish. He immediately complimented me and we chatted about what he enjoyed and wanted to enjoy with me.

He decided to bring up our “arrangement” while we were sitting there, in public, at the bar. It is reassuring to be entering into a “regular” meeting with a client as the financial element brings security but also provides for a growing knowledge of what intimacy will work best for him. The experience will certainly grow with repeated meetings and I hope he will appreciate that as time goes forward.

To say he made love to me in the hotel would be saying a truth. Many clients have sex with me but few make love to me and I want him to know how I appreciated the care he took at every stage of our two hours in bed and in the bath together. It felt like a genuine boyfriend experience.

I am proud of my approach to sexwork and I hope my past education brings with it a greater understanding of the clients I meet. Men and women of all ages who work in the sex industry must support each other and recognise that this is genuine work and that it needs to be viewed in that light. I am proud to sell sex and proud that people I socialise with know my work and support me. I am one of the lucky ones I know but with my adherence to the dictum of the seven P’s hope that a professional approach to sexwork can shine a much needed light of validity of all that people like me do. Cannot wait for next appointment


3 comments on “PREPARATION MATTERS..By James Bisexual

  1. DJPerezMA
    12 June, 2015

    It’s good to hear that the “Boyfriend Experience” can go both ways in an appointment. Here’s to hoping he becomes one of your “regulars”…

    • harlotsvicky
      12 June, 2015

      Hi, Thank you. Glad you re enjoying the blog. Yes you are more than welcome to contribute. I can post for you or give you access to post when every you want to say something. Just email either dearharlot@googlemail or Douglas at his personal email douglasfox4@gmail.com

      Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. DJPerezMA
    12 June, 2015

    It’s good to read that the “Boyfriend Experience” can go both ways in an appointment. Here’s to hoping that you maintain the man as a ‘regular’. Having clients you enjoy always makes a difference, n’est ce pas?

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