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Married Women Are Fascinated By Me

I was asked by Harlots Parlour to post a blog I added to my own wordpress blog at www.steveescort.co.uk/blog. It’s all about the fascination married women have with me on my Twitter account. Here goes

It’s quite bizarre, I am a gay escort with a mainly married men client base. It’s a popular misconception that gay escorts see gay men, we don’t. A good 95% of the men that book an appointment with me are married men, men who identify as being straight and men with a girlfriend or female partner. You’d think I’d be the last person that married women would talk to but you’d be wrong.

I’ve had my twitter account for a number of years. I hated it at first. You need to have about 100 active followers who want to talk to you. I’ve got over 1800 people follow me which grows by an extra 100 every month. I rarely follow anyone to be honest but I always follow everyone back unless they’re an inspiration account or do quotes all day from Einstein, those I don’t bother with. Out of the 1800, many are other escorts, mainly female escorts, others are advertising sites, a fair few are clients I have seen in the past, a healthy proportion are straight married men who wouldn’t ever book a gay escort but I seem to have a huge following of married woman who read about my exploits, chat to me about washing powder and what crap is on TV tonight. They have this mid 30’s gay escort inside their phones and tablets and they get excitable when I post about my last client having a big cock or that my cat is about to murder something. My white cat, Pushkin, is famous in her own right. I get private messages on twitter just asking about her, she has captured her own little audience of people who feel that they know her.

I wonder at times………..why do these married women follow me, after all I could quite easily be having sex with their husband, their home life is my demograph. Do they discuss me with their husbands at bed time “Oh Steve has been busy today and the devil child was being spoilt again tonight”. I suspect they do.

My twitter account is all about me, just me and it is who I really am. Yes I am the fantasy fuck, the secret shag, the discreet liaison but I am also a normal person. I have a bizarre carrer, which I created for myself, nobody talked me into becoming a gay escort. I am not lazy, I don’t ask anyone for anything, I am a capitalist. Popular opinion dictates that escorts and people in the sex industry are depraved individuals with a drug habit, alcohol addiction, they are disease ridden, they have escaped a horrific home life with historic child sexual abuse, whereas in fact, the vast majority of us are none of those things. I’ve never met a single person in the sex industry who claims they were abused, trafficked, beaten or has been forced to work against their will and so maybe these married women have caught a glimpse of a world that is completely different to the media hyped interpretation of what we are supposed to be like. I am a normal person with bills, cats, a house and car and these people treat me like I am a real person. Yes…..sometimes I get asked stupid questions, usually after the initial shock and realisation that gay escorts entertain straight men. I am often asked on twitter if I see gay men. No, it’s rare and the ones I do see tend to be difficult, they’re usually size queens, emaciated guys with a mince on the go as they swish across the road to my front door. Gay men rarely return to me a second time. We just don’t seem to get all along.

When a new married or straight female tweeter follows me, they are quickly surprised at how normal my life is. My twitter account is not the typical escort type twitter account I don’t ever post pictures of my cock for a start or link up to porn movies or porn pictures. I live a life of porn and sex and so when I go onto twitter I never feel the need to start tweeting about it. Yes I’ll discuss about how fabulous the last client was or that I am excited to be travelling to London on Friday to see a gentleman but if I worked in a butchers shop, I’d hardly come home at night and start posting pictures of a meat pie, would I ?

The ladies that follow me are unlikely to follow a gay escort account full of cock, that’s not something that brightens up their day, however a gay escort account with pictures of a fluffy white (albeit evil) cat, frequent references to wine and gin, healthy discussions about horny men on tv and general drivel about how badly done to I am today because I’ve only had one married man through the door, seems to appeal.

My twitter account is the real me, it’s who I am really am, it’s full of crap about Aldi, who is tasty on Channel 4 tonight and how I’ve accidentally found myself in the pub again with a cider. I think that’s why I seem to be endearing to a lot of married women. I could quite possibly be bonking their husbands on a Friday afternoon, but at least I’m nice about it.

My twitter account for those who have not yet discovered it



One comment on “Married Women Are Fascinated By Me

  1. Angel
    12 June, 2015

    Married women are always fascinated by what they can’t have. That’s why I created my site to give them what they can have at http://www.freesexsitereviews.com

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