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This is the first post as the Harlots Collective. We are a small collective of sex workers who want to create a tolerant and inclusive environment where sex workers can celebrate their work, heritage and culture without their work being politicised.

We welcome ideas so that we can evolve and reflect the opinions especially of sex workers who have never had the courage, or perhaps desire, to become involved in sex worker discussions before. Nearly everyone involved in this collective is new to sex worker rights. We all have experience as sex workers, but few of us as writers or as activists. This is going to be a journey for everyone involved.

Harlots, as long time followers and readers know, has always stood outside the sex worker establishment. It’s safe to say that we are not liked. That is as it should be. Harlots Parlour has never censored any sex worker or hidden from controversy. Our policy is that provided you do not incite hatred or violence or discrimination of any kind, then you are welcome to contribute and say whatever you think. Every voice and experience within sex work is as valid and anyone else’s. We do not have elites or favourites at Harlots Parlour or in the Harlots Collective.

Below is our proposed mission statement. I hope that everyone is happy with this statement and with the intentions of the collective. I suppose that by following Harlots Parlour blog and the twitter and face book accounts that you are all, in a sense, already members of what I hope will be the most democratic of collectives. Ideas and more ideas are always welcome from sex workers about how we can improve, what we should do, what do readers want to read about, etc. Harlots Parlour has always been about the sex worker without a voice and I hope that the collective will continue to represent that silent majority.

Please contact Vicky S at dearharlot@googlemil.com


The Harlots Collective welcomes all sex workers who share and celebrate a co-operative attitude towards the sex industry whilst dismissing the overt politicisation of our struggle. We work towards the full decriminalisation of sex work, of our human, civil and labour rights, for respect and the recognition of our consent to sex, our right to say no and for the full protection of the law for everyone involved in adult and consensual sex work without prejudice or discrimination.

We demand that the voice of sex workers and factual evidence, not ignorance, mis-information or prejudice, should inform all sex work policy. We celebrate the heritage, culture and diversity that exists within sex work and strive for society that acknowledges adult consent, choice, rights and freedom, as being reflective of a mature, liberal and tolerant society.

Vicky S  on behalf of the Harlots Collective.



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