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Hi, everyone. Just wanted to very briefly introduce myself. I am a happily retired former sex worker.  I worked as an escort through agencies, as an independent escort, briefly in a brothel and finally I combined my escorting with running a very successful UK escort agency. I have a wide experience of the industry. It was after all my life for over 12 years. I made my money in the sex business and then I moved overseas where I now live very happily with two very spoilt dogs in a lovely villa in the sun. I worked hard when I was in the UK and I used the money I made from sex work wisely. If any of you girls and boys out there want a tip, invest your money, don’t waste it. It’s hard earned and if you blow it then you are your your own worst enemy.

My attitude to sex work is that it’s a job. You make the most of it while you do it. Like any job you take the rough with the smooth. I met some really nice and very generous guys during my time working and I have mostly nice memories.

Douglas has persuaded me to take over as editor of Harlots. I have agreed to do so until the new Harlots Collective is up and running. If anyone wants to contact me do so through the dearharlot@googlemail account.

My avatar is a picture of Lucrezia Borgia. Like her I am beautiful and cultured, but upset me and I will have my revenge, so be warned……

I hope to get to know everyone in the collective while I am editor. I’m very approachable, but it is going to take me time to settle in, so please have patience. It is all a new and rather daunting challenge.

Luv Vicky S..xx


2 comments on “MY NAME IS VICKY S

  1. korhomme
    17 January, 2015

    Welcome Ms editorix!

  2. alpin50
    17 January, 2015

    Thanks for the lovely introduction Vicky! Good luck in your editorial duties!

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