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Harlots has been through a pretty testing time recently. My decision to step down a s editor and take a break from activism for health reason and because I wanted to pursue other business interests outside of sex work, has not gone quite as smoothly as planned. A quick succession of three editors had my mind spinning, never mind the readers and followers of Harlots.

Many people made promises without realising that delivering on the promises was not as easy as they thought. Being editor takes commitment and means taking decisions and dealing with lots of stuff which many people would not even imagine.

This time has been especially confusing because, having consulted with several people closely associated with Harlots, a decision was made that Harlots should become a collective. It is hoped that this would spread the work load and increase the impute of more ideas and most importantly add an international dimension to Harlots. Considering two thirds of our readership is in the USA and Canada and Australia, this seems to be a very obvious step to take.

At last therefore I am very pleased to announce that we now have a fourth and final editor (for some time at least). Her name is Vicky S. She used to work in the UK in the North East as a sex worker and has experience of independent work, working in a brothel, as an agency worker and also as a manager of a successful UK escort agency. She is now retired and lives in the sun but is happy to oversee the daily administration of Harlots and of the collective. The Harlots Parlour website is still in the process of being updated and fingers crossed that work will be finished by the end of January, beginning of February.

Vicky S will be introducing herself very soon. In the meantime can anyone who is interested in contributing to harlots please email Vicky S at dearharlot@gmail.com If you have contacted Olive or Madison previously on their private mail addresses, please resubmit to the dearharlot mail address and Vicky will be in touch very soon. I believe that Olive had asked people to fill out questionnaires? Olive has not passed any of these on to me. If you have filled one out I would be grateful if you would send it to the dearharlot address for Vicky S to deal with.

Some people have contacted me personally and I am dealing with thier inquiries personally and I will be in touch very soon.

Again I apologise for the inconvenience that all of this may have caused for everyone. What should have been an easy handing over of the reigns have proven more fraught than I expected. The good news (or bad depending on your view point) is that I have promised to write one article a month and I will still be involved in the collective as a UK consultant.

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding.


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2 comments on “INTRODUCING VICKY S.

  1. Aphrodite Phoenix
    17 January, 2015

    Don’t worry about any inconveniences, Douglas. It’s all worth it. All worth the wait. Harlots Parlour will grow and expand like any other new life. These things take time. Especially for a group such as ours. Other than the women of Sharia, we are the most oppressed group in the world now. We used to be flanked by the blacks and the gays. While they fought and won their rights, most of us stayed down in the shadows. Now it’s our turn to speak up and fight. So what if the leadership and editorship sometimes changes hands? In the face of all we are up against together, such little little blips and wrinkles are nothing. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  2. Douglas Fox
    17 January, 2015

    Thank you. It’s just been frustrating. I also have a feeling there has been some underhand tactics going on. Its all political, which just makes you want to scream.
    Thankfully the person I wanted to take over from the very start has at last been persuaded, well arm twisted really, to step in and do the work. She is a formidable sex worker of the old school and she won’t mind me saying that.
    It’s going to take a month or two for everything to settle into place and for people to decide what they want, don’t want to do etc. I’m happy it has evolved, just annoyed there have been so many unnecessary false starts.
    I hope you still want to lend a hand and hopefully do an interview.
    I am busy trying to come up with a design for the logo. Not easy.

    Will be in touch soon XX

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