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Welcome Olive

There are those who like to say that we are romanticising sex work. I have so many questions for those people.

Sex work has been a part of society for thousands of years. Sex work has also been the subject of great literature, art, politics and the shaping of socities. I won’t deny we’ve had a hand in toppling a few kingdoms and great societies along the way.

I have had the great fortune to surround myself with some of the most creative and dedicated individuals within our community.

I would like to give gratitude to one of those creative and dedicated people, Douglas. Thank You Douglas for the many years you have devoted to Harlot’s Parlour. The past few weeks I have been reading over Harlot’s Parlour’s Archives and can see what a labor of love Harlots has been for you.

I hope the collaboration between Madison and myself carries on the tradition of informing the public and celebrating the history and future of sex workers through art, literature, media and activism.

I look forward to all of the new adventures that lay ahead. I hope you all support us in making Harlot’s Parlour a reliable resource for the international sex worker community and for those non-sex workers seeking more intelligent information about sex work.



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