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Welcome Madison

It has been an absolute pleasure to begin my journey with Harlots Parlour this past month. I was ecstatic to receive the email from Douglas stating that I had been given the role of co-editor with the oh so lovely and intelligent Olive.

I was a little overwhelmed and thought the only way to stop that feeling was to get informed. I started researching the organizations within Australia and begun learning what the Australian Sex Party stand for. I got in touch with the biggest organization Scarlet Alliance and after explaining who I was, was offered to attend the National Forum Event held in Melbourne as a member. On November the 10th I will attend the event over the coming days and I will be blogging about all that I learn at Harlots Parlour so stay tuned.

That, for me, is the first step that I can take in order to bring something new to Harlots. Olive and I have been conversing via email, seen as Olive is in the US and I am down in Australia, and we have bonded quickly and have some very similar outlooks for the future of Harlots.

I want to thank Douglas for the endless energy he has given to the organization and I hope that I can continue to help Harlots grow in a positive and professional manner as Douglas did. We are available to communicate with all of you that wish to contribute to Harlots via our email. We aim to make Harlots a space in which creativity and liberality thrive. Your voices have a lot to say and we want to help you say it.



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