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I would like to introduce a piece by Vikranth who works closely with sex workers and is busy writing a book on sex work and collecting money in order to create a film abut sex workers and their lives. Comments are welcome. I am sure Vikranth will be happy to reply.


Stigmas ever blazing, stereotypes flying high, the sex industry allows for an abundance of invigorating and often infuriating conversations. London, Paris, Amsterdam, Hamburg, they’ve all had their time to shine in the hot seat. With red light districts posing as a great attraction for tourists, it’s often easy to forget that the women behind the glass aren’t toys, regardless of how beautiful they may be. They’re human beings, with feelings like each and every one of us and like many of us, they’re working their way through life with bills to pay and bosses to be answered to. So yes, though it may seem only natural to stop and stare due to how outlawed such an occupation may seem, the reality of it is that there’s a legal aspect that allows for the women of the sex industry to carry on with their business- A business that never ceases to keep tourists’ eyes peered.

So why is it that so many feel the need to rebel against the occupation that sex workers choose and are all the things they say true? Unfortunately, as with all things in life, the road isn’t always smooth and the path isn’t always well paved. But to make an example of the minority is simply unacceptable. Those who argue against sex work often do so not because they see wrong in each and every inch or crevice, but because they simply don’t believe that sex work should be considered an occupation or because they or someone they love had been subjected to an unfortunate situation. In attempts to make the world see the sex industry the way they see it, they refrain from including the good, the appealing and instead expose the bad and the ugly- regardless of how slim the numbers may be.

In a country like Germany with its close to 400,000 sex workers (the largest number in countries that have deemed commercial sex legal), the cries to ban prostitution aren’t as loud and prevalent as they are in countries such as the United Kingdom. However, will these cries result in prostitution once again being marked illegal? Most probably not and with good reason. The government sees its profits in terms of taxes and lower unemployment rates with over 80,000 sex workers working in film, for an escorts agency or as independents in the United Kingdom and so the notion there leans more toward allowing sex workers to continue with their business. Additionally, for the many crying against prostitution, there are many more in support of free will and the freedom to choose commercial sex as an occupation.

For some women, the sex industry is solely a means to pay the bills. However, for others, the gain is so high that they’ve been able to take advantage of luxuries they would never imagine themselves having and thus, would never consider making an exit. On the other hand, there are the supporters of the sex industry and without demand, sex workers wouldn’t be able to supply. Tourists, lonely men, adventurous women and even couples seeking a bit of thrill find their comfort in the arms of a sex worker.


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