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This is a new feature on Harlots Parlour, articles written by sexworkers about their escorting lives.  Contributions are very welcome, the more the merrier.  They can be anonymous, or you can put your working name to the article and we will link it back to your website.  Good way to get you to Google number 1.  Don’t worry if your first language is not English, we can edit the article for spelling and sense.

To set the ball rolling, here is the first article by a touring escort who wishes to stay anonymous.

By ‘A’ a touring sex worker.

I have been an escort for approximately seven years now. Initially I began escorting in London on a part time basis.  I had been very curious about escorting which is why I decided to try it out. I must mention I was involved in entertainment before modelling and dancing and a variety of other things. This is why I knew a bit about the escorting industry and had in fact come across other women who were part time escorts.

When I began, I looked at the whole experience as being paid to date and have a great deal of fun and of course I still do. It is by my own choice that I became an escort and still remain an escort. By being an escort it has enabled me to maintain a lifestyle that I live by my own choice, to be very independent, as well as to travel and experience cultures and learn about many things I most probably would never have encountered.  I feel I can only have achieved this by being an escort.

I am a currently a touring escort, this means I travel to different countries globally and work there for certain periods of time. This lifestyle is very exciting and glamorous, well it is for me. It can also be quite lonely as being an escort is a very private, so generally I would not mix around with people who are not involved in the sex industry for fear of rejection and being looked down upon by society for my work choice. So in a way being an escort can be quite isolated.

While I enjoy being an escort and am quite happy to do it for as long as I’m having fun, I also realise that at some point I am going to want to do something else. Therefore in my spare time I have put myself through university to maintain my previous studies. I had attended university before I became an escort as well as holding down several jobs, which society would call ‘normal’. So it is not the lack of intelligence or opportunity that has forged my escorting career

As I mentioned before I spend much time on my own, so this time is used to educate myself and to do positive things for myself. I know of many other escorts who follow this course in their lives. I have a few short term and long term goals I aim to achieve before I give up escorting.  Those are personal so I shall not put them to paper.

There are certain things that cause me grave unhappiness in my profession these are firstly the media and the way they portray sexworkers.  I feel it is unfair that they are allowed to do this.  In some countries they go as far as to publish sexworkers personal information and destroy their lives. They stereo type sexworkers as victims who are desperate, and this is the reason they choose the job. This has an awful effect and I believe this is what begins to make us victims, but victims of society judging us by what we do. The media also are always writing that sexworkers earn huge amounts, well we don’t actually, but this affects us because it puts us in danger of violence and affects our safety.  In some cases this also excites hate crimes against us.

The next troubling issue we have to deal with is in many countries is the law. There is a law that if more than one sexworker happens to be working on the property this constitutes being a brothel. This can and has been used to bring charges against us. Going to court and having criminal charges brought upon us. On occasion a sexworker may even have to do jail time. It is not unheard of that sexworkers can be bullied by authorities into signing documents admitting guilt before being offered any legal assistance. Being frightened, most people may sign something, instead of thinking first in a state of panic.

The next issue being discussed is the criminalisation of clients.  This is definitely not a good idea. Any kind of belief that sexworkers can contact the authorities should we have a problem is a non-starter. Should we report a client for violence then the authorities will know where we work, and stake out the place we are working at and arrest clients as they visit. Even worse, they could contact our landlords and have us evicted or else our landlords can be charged with brothel keeping offences.

This law will do nothing to encourage the safety of escorts or the free will we have to exercise a choice to become a sexworker. Instead again we will become victims but victims of a ruthless society that want to see us on the streets. I also believe under this law the number of street workers will increase but this matter seems to be overlooked.

Trafficking does exist and I believe it should be tackled in the correct fashion. Why everyone should be penalised due to this happening?  You could extend this to factories that traffic young children to work for them, or the labour gangs who work on farms  Why aren’t the clients of these factories and food being criminalised? It is only because we escorts are a soft target group.

The correct way I believe to help sexworkers and maintain that no trafficking goes on is to police it properly with welfare visits checking on the independence and the legitimacy of the escort. Our status could be determined this way and perhaps a more accurate picture painted.

In countries where escorting is illegal or client criminalisation is already in place, this has not altered trafficking in anyway. It is still found, so I believe that it will not better things and this has already been proven.

Why should our free choice, as human beings be taken away from us?  Our occupation stripped from us.  In many cases causing us loss of our homes and future unemployment troubles.


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