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It is with pleasure that I welcome Laura Lee to Harlots as Editor. I will for a short time remain as sub editor (alongside Elrond) until Laura Lee is established in her new position.

Many of you will be aware of Laura’s work as an independent escort and as a tireless campaigner for sex workers rights. A strong supporter and representative of the IUSW (International Union of Sex Workers) Laura has been especially prominent in promoting sex workers rights in Scotland and in Northern Ireland where she has campaigned against the Swedish model which would criminalise the clients of sex workers. Laura has also appeared several times on both television and on radio and also has her own popular blog and twitter accounts.

It is with some sadness that I hand over the daily running of Harlots but as many of you will know my health has been problematic for some time and I am for the foreseeable future to have complete rest.
I hope however to occasionally contribute to Harlots and of course will continue to do whatever I can to assist Laura and others in the IUSW to achieve decriminalisation. I remain convinced that despite the often gloomy news about the creeping menace of the failed Swedish experiment, that right will eventually prevail. The Swedish model after all is a failed ideological experiment. It is an experiment promoted by those who have corrupted feminism into a force of oppression and who have entered an unholy alliance with conservative faith groups. They are opponents, who unlike ourselves, are wealthy, organised, and have the ear of politicians looking for cheap, sensationalist headlines. They are an alliance of oppression and repression who employ popular prejudices to create and maintain hysteria that does not stand up to scrutiny. Evidence and right are on our side, and their hatred should have no place within nations that claim to be progressive and liberal, and this is why we will ultimately win.

I am handing harlots to Laura with the assurance that she will continue to encourage a wide and diverse opinion within sex work to be heard. There is not, after all, only one message about what or who is a sex worker. Despite our disagreements what unites us is a desire that our work is recognised and that we are provided the full protection of the law. This is our common goal that must take priority and I am sure that Laura will be very capable of providing a forum where diverse opinions can be shared with that end in mind.

Douglas XX


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  2. Richard
    2 January, 2014

    Douglas, thank you for all your hard work. Do follow the Dr’s orders and actually get some rest!

    Laura, welcome! We couldn’t be in better hands for the future.

  3. everay2013
    3 January, 2014

    This is great news. I wish you every success in fighting the forces of Honeyball….I mean darkness 🙂

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  5. Laura Lee
    4 January, 2014

    Thank you all. I will write a post over the next couple of days inviting submissions and will do my best to keep Harlot’s on the map.

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  7. pycraftsworld
    5 January, 2014

    Good luck for 2014 disseminating the TRUTH gets results:)

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