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Hi, I have been asked to post the following request for help in research for an upcoming channel 4 documentary. I have spoken at length to the producers and have offered my assistance.

They seem to be attempting to produce a very real portrayal of people who work in the sex industry and reflect our work as it is rather than to sensationalise it.

If you can help or would like to be involved the contact details are below.


TV research on sex work

Seneca Productions is making a TV series for Channel 4 exploring Britain’s sex industry and the complex and varied reasons people buy and sell company and/or sex.

We are not seeking to demonise people in the industry but rather to learn what they have to tell us about human sexuality.

We are looking to speak with people for our research (anonymously or not). There is no obligation to be involved in filming at this stage.

Please contact Liza on 020 7324 6087 |07752 096 482 | lizawilliams@senecaproductions.com


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