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As editor I make no apologies for using Harlots for a little self publicity for my new book. A collection of short stories which have now been professionally edited and are available to buy for £3.99 on Amazon Kindle.
I also hope that the book will also be available in hard copy in the next few weeks.

Some of the stories and poems mention sex work, others are just observations on life and reflections on love. I adore ghost stories, and folk tales, and everything Gothic, and Pagan, and I think that all these interests are very apparent in this collection of stories.
I hope that some of the stories will scare you, but mostly I hope that they will just make you think and reflect on life and death and love.

I have borrowed heavily from folk tales, such as, “Little Red Riding Hood,” and reinterpreted that classic tale in my story, “The Mother of the Forest.” I also referenced the story of, “Peter and The Wolf,” in my tale called, “The Steppes.”

I am especially proud of my story, “The Girl in the Blue Dress,” which is a love story involving a young mysterious girl in a blue dress and a Roman Catholic priest, one long hot summer, long ago in Italy.

Many of the stories are about loneliness and sacrifice.
I hope that you enjoy my stories and that you will tell others about the book which you can buy HERE



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  1. Frans van Rossum
    13 June, 2013

    Congratulations, Douglas! I can’t wait for the hard copy to be available…

    • Douglas Fox
      17 June, 2013

      Definitely available for Christmas. I love my short stories. Working on more now.
      I think that I am much more of a short story writer than a novelist. I am working on a novel now. Have done thirty thousand words but have come to a, “sort of,” standoff.
      I am finding it had to concentrate on anything over thirty thousand words. I suppose I will just have to train myself. I am sure that I can do it, but it is hard.

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