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Please welcome and support our new author Kalika Gold and support her petition to have the Merseyside model adopted by all British police forces.

The Petition

The petition aims to extend the Merseyside Police’s strategy (declaring all crimes against sex workers hate crimes and working in partnership with sex workers’ organisations to catch violent criminals) to all UK police forces.

You can sign it now:


The petition isn’t in my name because for Government petitions, a legal name and current address are required. All names and addresses are verified – which took a week- before petitions are made visible. The name is publically visible on the petition. Although I’m currently still studying, I’m worried that future employers might discriminate against me when I graduate and enter the job market. I could have done a Change.org petition, but a Government petition has more chance of success because if we get 100,000 signatures by 22 October 2013, the petition will have to be debated in Parliament.
So, mental health professional Jayne Rogers created the petition out of a text that I drafted (the text is written to appeal to antis and feminists as well, which is why the term “prostitution” appears alongside “sex work”.) Jayne Rogers is neither a sex worker nor an anti. She is against the Nordic model and believes everyone has the right to enter sex work if they wish to. I interviewed her (see link below) so you can all see that she’s coming from a position of care, not to rescue sex workers or fulfil a personal agenda.

About the “Merseyside model”

In 2006, Merseyside police declared crimes against sex workers hate crimes, following the efforts of Armistead Street (a Liverpool sex work outreach and support project). In Liverpool, in 2009, police convicted 90% of rapists who raped sex workers. In 2010, the overall conviction rate in Merseyside for crimes against sex workers was 84%. The rape conviction rate was 67% – the national average rape conviction rate is only 6.5%. Merseyside police also work in partnership with sex worker organisations to catch violent criminals, and arrest street sex workers (street sex work is a crime) only as a last resort, leading to less arrests of street sex workers. (A perfect model would include not arresting street sex workers at all, but the Merseyside model is an improvement even if it’s not perfect.)

UKNSWP supports the Merseyside model and recommended it in their submission to the Justice Committee.

In a report commissioned by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, Andrew Boff (a Conservative member of the London Assembly) recommends all crimes against sex workers should be treated as hate crimes. The National Association of Police Chiefs has stated that the Merseyside model should be adopted by all UK police forces -that crimes against sex workers should be treated as hate crimes (ACPO Guidelines on Policing Prostitution and Sexual Exploitation Strategy p8), that the police should collaborate with sex workers’ organisations to catch violent offenders and avoid arresting street workers until they continue to work despite being encouraged to exit the industry (Ibid p5 and 6). This was recommended in 2010, but nothing has been done about it.

The Merseyside model: SEE HERE

UKNSWP written submission to the Justice Committee (see p4):

The ACPO Guidelines: SEE HERE

Andrew Boff tells the Huffington Post why he supports the Merseyside model: SEE HERE

Andrew Boff speaks briefly here: SEE HERE

Interview with Jayne Rogers: SEE HERE

Shelly Stoops and Rosie Campbell write about the Merseyside model for RH Reality Check:

Kate Zen writes for Tits and Sass: SEE HERE

Dr Brooke Magnanti mentions the Merseyside model in her Telegraph column: SEE HERE

Shelly Stoops’ presentation on the Merseyside model: SEE HERE

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