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The Sex Industry Blog – For Media Enquiries please call us on 020 7175 0180 or email dearharlot@gmail.com


Many people will notice that we already have sponsorship for Harlots. Sponsors receive an advertising spot on the right hand side of the site, in the form of a banner. I am glad to say that our sponsors have been loyal and many have supported the site for many years.

If you would like to join our sponsors the costs are £20 per annum (some of course do give more). This helps with administration and hosting fees. If you would like to help support this blog and would like to advertise your business/agency/indie site or whatever then please email me at dearharlot@googlemail.com or give me a call on 020 7175 0050. You can pay into the bank discreetly or by paypal. Once received all you have to do is email me and include your logo and links.

Sponsorship is not to make a profit but simply to help cover the general costs of keeping Harlots going. All of our authors write for free. General links to other sex worker bloggers will always be listed free of charge.

As a gesture to support the UKNSWP Ugly Mug Scheme…Harlots will donate a third of your sponsorship fee toward this good cause. Every little helps to raise money for another essential service for sex workers.

Thank you.
The editors of Harlots.


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