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Lapping it up in strip clubs

I’ve often wondered what it’s like in strip or lap dancing clubs. I finally found out during my last visit to London. I was curious about how the girls behave and even more intrigued about how the men behave. As an escort I was also interested in finding out how dancers view themselves and their decisions to become dancers. Another thing I wondered about was whether they thought that dancing was somehow “better” than escorting. Apart from the sociological aspects of it I was also very curious about my own reaction and how I would behave and whether I would find the experience erotic…I am happy to report that I did!

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I enjoyed reading your article. I am slightly surprised you have not visited any of the numerous lap dancing clubs in Edinburgh. Maybe opportunity, and of course discretion.

Yes it’s a shame sex workers have these strata, and some dancers don’t consider escorts worthy. It’s the same with porn stars, often looking down on prostitutes. These strata divide sex workers. We need to unite, prostitutes, dancers, cam girls, porn actors are all under attack by the abolitionists. Divided we fall, United we will succeed. I also get annoyed by the LGBT groups who often condemn prostitution, sex work is stigmatised, don’t these groups, (I include Stephen Fry here because he is often supporting abolitionist anti trafficking organisations) forget the stigma and the dangerous laws that affected them. I would hope they would support decriminalisation, as a way to may our lives safer as it did for them.



One comment on “Lapping it up in strip clubs

  1. Aphrodite Phoenix
    6 May, 2013

    I wasn’t aware until reading this post that sex workers not in prostitution look down on escorts. How depressing. As if we don’t all have enough opposition plaguing us…and there’s back-biting TOO?

    To be honest, however, I have to say that as an escort I’ve experienced a few superior feelings toward strippers….I’ve always felt that they’re just teasing while the escort can make an opportunity for true healing intimacy.

    But after entertaining those thoughts I’ve always chastised myself to stop them, because unity, not snobbery, is needed by us all.

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