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Can You Help Finance a Book Promotion?

I have been asked by a sex worker friend who has written a superb book if I would help. She is trying to raise funds to promote her book to reach as wide an audience as possible. Like many authors today she is self publishing. Getting book deals, even with a well written book is not easy and even if an author does secure a deal the chances of making any money from their work is virtually nil for lots of reason. This is why many authors are now self publishing, Self publishing allows authors control over their work and gives them a greater return on sales. The big draw back however is that you have to promote and advertise your work which costs money.
I have read this particular book and have previously written a review for it on Harlots. It is very good and as Aphrodite suggests could be very useful in the battle for rights. If you could help her raise the funding she needs to publicise her work so that it will reach the widest audience I am sure she would be very grateful. Every piece of work helps in the battle for rights.
It would also be helpful if other bloggers could help publicise the book and of course I urge readers to purchase the book.

Below is her email explaining what she is doing.

I am a sex worker and author/advocate for sex workers’ rights. I have
written a book entitled Are They Bad Girls or Brilliant?. If you visit the
book website, http://www.aphroditephoenix.com, you’ll find excerpts and rave


The print version just came out on Amazon and I will soon be presenting
the Kindle version at an extremely low price.

I am confident that if fence-riders read this book, their views about sex
work, the human rights of sex workers, and a woman’s right to choose the
work will morph to wholehearted support. I feel that my arguments are so
powerfully presented, written with such emotional appeal, and are so
well-sourced, that even if the extreme opposition experiences this book,
many will find themselves dismantling their views.

I am seeking help to promote this book in order to enlighten the world
about the true nature of sex work, which is empowering for independent sex
workers, healing for clients, and eternally and rightfully needed. Any
donation, no matter how small, will help with the promotion. Go to
http://www.gofundme.com/2p55qw if you’d like to contribute. Thank you so


Aphrodite Phoenix


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