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Harlots Changing Twitter account.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all those who follow Harlots Parlour on twitter. Caroline as many people know handed Harlots to myself and Catherine Stephens to run a few years ago. Over that time we have made changes to Harlots and have encouraged and welcomed new authors and contributors. We hope we have continued Caroline’s objective which was to provide a forum for a variety of views and opinions within sex work and about sex work.

The Twitter account was set up by Caroline Shepherd who has now moved on. The problem is neither Catherine Stephens or myself are able to access the twitter account to answer questions, follow people or unfollow /block if need be. Also the email address on the twitter account does not direct to Harlots Parlour and of course we cannot change any information.

Harlots Parlour is therefore moving to @HarlotsP

I would therefore like to ask everyone to move across to this new twitter account and to delete the old @Harlots_Parlour account. For the next month or so I will post in both accounts but obviously the sooner we can move everyone across the better.
The new Harlots twitter account hopefully will allow more information to be posted as I invite authors and contributors to post links to posts, Blogs and information relating to sex work and sex positivity around the world.

Harlots is also looking for new writers or for bloggers who wish to cross post in order to increase their audience and more importantly to share experiences and information. Harlots is not the property of one person but a forum for all sex workers.

Harlots is especially looking for the following voices which are seldom heard in the sex worker debates:

Sex Workers who have experience of street work,

Sex Workers who work through third parties,

Managers willing to talk about their experiences,

Harlots is a space for all sex workers to reference their experiences of sex work regardless of how they work, their politics, their race or their gender.

Thank You,
Douglas Fox
Catherine Stephens….


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