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I am putting together research for a book based on this Blog with the working title “Harlots.”

In “Harlots” I want to talk about our industry in a way that is approachable to the general public. I want to answer the questions that the public may ask of sex workers.

I can obviously give my own answers and I can give examples from the many sex workers I have known over the years but to broaden the range of experiences I would be grateful if anyone would like to share their own personal experiences for use in the book.

Anything used will of course be done so as anonymous (unless you specify otherwise) and I do not need great detailed explanations (unless you want to be heavily featured of course)

The questions I am researching at the moment are:

How did you become involved in sex work?

Why have you stayed in sex work?

Did you worry or do you worry over morality/religion in your decision to be a sex worker.

How do you react to “But what about the wife/boyfriend/husband” question?

What do you say to “Is it really sleazy”

If you could help by giving answers to any of these questions with some brief details ie how long you have been in the industry, which part of the UK/world you work etc I would be very grateful.

Please email at dfharlot@googlemail.com or dearharlot@googlemail.com

Thank You,



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