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“Original Sin” comment and link to an excellent piece by the” Honest Courtesan”.

I have always argued that the root of whore hatred and the anti trafficking hysteria lies within the orthodox monotheistic fear of human sexuality. That same fear and orthodox moralist unease with human sexuality and especially women’s sexuality is equally the motivation behind the anti sex rhetoric of some so called feminists. Those feminists present an ideal of the “good” woman not so dissimilar to the ideal of the “moral” woman that has influenced western culture and its laws with often negative consequences for society for centuries. This excellent piece by the “Honest Courtesan” entitled “Original Sin” suggests ideas very similar to my own on this subject.

Original Sin
March 18, 2013 by Maggie McNeill
The most unpardonable sin in society is independence of thought. – Emma Goldman


As I have often pointed out, many of the beliefs presented as “political positions” these days are actually religions, and that includes those which sell themselves as “scientific” or “atheist”. Any organized group which insists on “rigid adherence to a morality and interpretation of reality…derived entirely from knowledge revealed in sacred scriptures by [its] founders…[and] must be accepted unquestioningly by adherents” is a religion, no matter what it calls itself or whether it has a definable deity; it is based in faith, not science or logic, and any attempt to understand and deal with it as anything other than a religion is doomed to failure. This is why the “sex trafficking” myth is so pernicious; its adherents believe in it just as Christians believe in the divinity of Jesus, and no weight of evidence is sufficient to convince them otherwise.

Link to the rest of article with all links “HERE”


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2 comments on ““Original Sin” comment and link to an excellent piece by the” Honest Courtesan”.

  1. Aphrodite Phoenix
    24 March, 2013

    Perception is reality, and that’s what we’re all up against.

  2. Magdalene Hart
    27 March, 2013

    I am trying to figure out just what that poster is trying to convey… is it saying she shouldn’t have ran away in the first place? Are we supposed to just pity her and wring our hands at her fate and throw money and clothes at the Salvation Army? Honestly I’m curious.

    To make a relevant comment about the actual post, there is nothing more difficult to deal with than a zealot, whatever their flavor. When one blindly believes something, even in the face of undoubtable facts saying otherwise, it’s near impossible to have a dialogue. Sad (and frustrating) but true.

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