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Please Report this YouTube video.

This reporter shown stalking a woman has been given an award by Ruhama which is the organisation run by former nuns who ran the “Magdalene laundries” which were correctional convents established to reform so called “fallen women”. Ruhama now facing allegations of “torture” made by former inmates . “Magdalene laundries” were infamous for their abuse of the women placed in their charge. These women of course were not just sex workers but simply ordinary women who were considered immoral, often by their families. More often than not these were women who had shown too much interest in men, women who had been raped or women who had become pregnant outside of wedlock.

I would ask everyone to report this video to YouTube which has a clear policy against trapping innocent people with out their knowledge and of exposing innocent people to possible violence and detrimental treatment. This woman has done no harm to any one. It is not illegal for her to sell sex and it is not illegal for her to work as a cleaner or baby minder. The actions of this so called reporter in fact makes it difficult for this woman to ever leave sex work and to find what he and Ruhama would no doubt refer to as “proper employment.” Ruhama remember is behind the “Turn Off The Red Light” campaign in Ireland which wants to criminalise the clients of sex workers.

This video proves a point made by sex worker activists that abolitionists have no concern about sex workers other than to publicly shame them and to destroy their lives and their future employment prospects.


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6 comments on “Please Report this YouTube video.

  1. peter schevtschenko
    3 March, 2013

    this video is on the facebook page of sunday world “newspaper.” have reported the video as promoting violence towards women who sell sex as the reporters story is based on the premise that sex workers need to be stopped

  2. Korhomme (@Korhomme)
    3 March, 2013

    totally against youtube t&cs. but then, if it fits your philosophy, you don’t wan’t to ban it , do you? It’s totally disgusting.

  3. Douglas Fox
    3 March, 2013

    It is an appalling video. I watched it twice and still do not understand the reasoning other than a hate attack on this poor woman. They are not offering her any help. The motivation seems to be to shame her and make it impossible for her to get any work out side of sex work. Yes of course it makes her a target for idiots who might want to hurt her. Obscene and the vile Ruhama group have given this monster an award…You can just imagine how she is feeling. I feel so much for her.

  4. respectsexwork
    3 March, 2013

    Reblogged this on respectsexwork and commented:
    I did report this on youtube for abusive, but I would like to make some noise towards his employers so that he understands this is unacceptable, and his employers understand this is unacceptable.

  5. tsputa
    3 March, 2013

    OHH MY GOD.. THIS IS REALLY SAD 😦 REALLY REALLY SAD.. sometimes it is so difficult to be kind to clients.. you just do not know what they are up to..

  6. tsputa
    3 March, 2013

    Reblogged this on TS PUTA and commented:
    what the fuck!

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