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Red Harlot Publishing launching soon.

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Red Harlot Publishing will be launching in the next few weeks to compliment the Harlots Parlour Blog. It has been on my mind for some time to create a vehicle for “especially” new authors to advertise and promote their work. I wanted to create a place that was welcoming to sex positive and creative writers who self publish or use traditional publishers to present their work, talk about their work, give interviews and present reviews.

The site is a work in progress but can be viewed “HERE”

Red Harlot Publishing will be complimented by a face book page and a twitter account (please follow @redhpublishing) where authors will be promoted on a daily basis on a revolving quota. I hope to keep this service free although I plan to ask anyone using the service to buy one of two or three book choices published by Red Harlot Publishing costing no more than £2.99 which will cover some of the costs involved in maintaining and running the sites. I may also look at a forum but that will depend upon interest shown in the venture.
There will also be links to publishers and designers. Anyone interested in advertising publishing services can contact me now for rates. Reviews and links to sex positive books are welcome and people willing to contribute articles regularly to Red Harlot Publishing are also welcome.
I would love some feed back on this idea and if people would be willing to help publicise the service and place links on their web pages I would be very grateful.
I am looking at the following genres:

Sex Work (Academic and Biographical)
Pagan and Spiritual

Douglas. Editor Harlots Parlour.

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5 comments on “Red Harlot Publishing launching soon.

  1. Aphrodite Phoenix
    1 March, 2013

    You know I’ll place a link on my book site for you, Douglas. Of course! And if you will give me the honor to do so, I would love to promote my book through Red Harlot. And contribute articles which would also be excerpts. I love what you’re doing!

  2. Qetesh
    3 March, 2013

    Hi Douglas,
    What a wonderful idea! I hope that in future I can submit an article to Red Harlot. I will also add a link on my site, once the website is up & running.


    Daughters of Qetesh Iseum – http://www.qetesh-iseum.co.uk

  3. Douglas Fox
    3 March, 2013

    Thank you. Obviously the more word is spread and the more titles and articles then the more people will look and buy. I hope this is a success.

  4. wordsonascream
    5 March, 2013

    do you publish poetry?

    • Douglas Fox
      5 March, 2013

      Yes we would be delighted to have poetry represented.

      Although at the moment I don’t deal with the actual publishing of works other than my own (although I may in future ) we can give you links to “free” self publishers and low cost designers to help with cover design etc or what ever else you may need.
      The idea (to begin with) is to encourage new writers to use R H publishing as an advertising medium where they can advertise their work and talk about their work and give interviews etc if they wish.
      Often new authors produce work and then find it difficult to market their work or to let the public know who they are as writers.
      The plan is for R H publishing to become a medium for new and indie authors to use to establish a following which is half the battle for new writers.


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