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Some information about the ‘survivor’ who is used by the Irish Turn Of the Redlight campaign, who appears in several different names on different TV programs.


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  1. aformersexworker
    1 March, 2013

    Surely this much cold blooded fraud is worth some kind of criminal charge?

    What do the organisations who have promoted it have to say for themselves?

  2. Douglas Fox
    1 March, 2013

    Nothing because they have power and money and centuries of prejudice to back them and that allows them to simply ignore sex workers voices. Both the media and politicians prefer social justice if it is supported by prejudice and ignorance and if there is a heart rending story to back that prejudice then (regardless of how factual it is) all the better. Remember N I politicians voted unanimously against gay marriage and in fact against any liberal policies that threaten ingrained prejudices or religious sectarianism.

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