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Laura Lee our campaigning and now out sex worker


Laura Lee saw the injustice outside the sex industry.  The people who dictate the policies on prostitution, lap dancing, stripping, pornography.  People who don’t actually consult with those they are trying to rescue and control.  These people who go on to say that those like Laura are pimps.  These people who get ever increasing amounts of money from the Government, and charity donations.  Even Comic Relief is raising money to save young people from prostitution and abuse.  Yes a good aim, because those under 18 shouldn’t be entering and are being abused.  Unfortunately Comic Relief has been conned into using abolitionist statistics in their sales literature.

Young people are at risk of sexual exploitation. Seventy-five per cent of women working in prostitution started before they were 18 – the majority want to get out.

Yes this pulls at the heart strings and brings in money, but it is a lie and adds fuel to the myth that sex workers are all pimped, coerced damaged souls with no control of our destiny. It also serves to demonise our clients.

Laura Lee has been campaigning, appearing on various Television and Radio shows.  She has had to come out as a sex-worker, and put her head above the parapet.  I very courageous act.  Please read her account here on her own blog.

After her last show, the Nolan show, where she appeared against Lord Morrow, she received a set of obnoxious, whore-phobic hate tweets, all aimed at her personally.  Not the cause she is fighting, but at her specifically.  How pathetic.  These comments show the total misconception of prostitution, and what clients are buying into.  Those clients who rose to defend her were treated with the same contempt and were told they must be really desperate.   From her blog.


paying for sex should be illegal if that stinkin awwl cunt is a prostitute! #BBCNolan

She’s a hooker? Eeee she’s minging.. #bbcNolan

#BBCNolan why is this whore on Ur show?????????? Disgusting!!!!!!!!!

Get a proper job like everyone else you dirty slag #BBCNolan

If you pay for sex with thon article in the studio, the show should be about mental health. #BBCNolan

#bbcnolan that woman presenting prostitution as a viable career choice is such a hideous role model for young women.

Only a desperate man would pay money to buck that thing #bbcnolan

#BBCNolan that dragon is woeful looking. Wouldn’t ride her into battle




3 comments on “Laura Lee our campaigning and now out sex worker

  1. Frans van Rossum
    20 February, 2013

    All very predictable. But for every person who says or thinks those things there must be at least ten who rather say/think: “Glad you were there for me when I needed you.” Wish they would speak out in throngs. I’m quite sure that a good percentage of the hate and abolitionist crowd deep inside envy sex workers and clients for being themselves and taking sex serious as part of a normal, healthy life.

  2. James McCarthy
    20 February, 2013

    To risk public scorn in order to tell the truth demand character and courage just like LGBT citizens have for decades fought for recognition and respect.You know you’ve won this battle when opponents can only provide ad hominem attacks to undermine your position.The coments really show what many abolitionists really think about prostitution – less about compassion , more about ‘slut-shaming’ .Laura Lee – i’m a fan for life.

  3. Douglas Fox
    21 February, 2013

    Sadly anyone who speaks on this subject is pilloried and of course the anti’s then say to sex workers that if your so proud of your profession why don’t you speak out, why don’t you join sex worker groups…well I think this explains why.
    You are also called a pimp or accused of being paid by traffickers. All rubbish of course.

    I wish Laura Lee all the best.

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