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Nottingham calls for the closure of Sex Shops and Lap Dancing Clubs

images (9)Nottingham want to shut up sex shops and Lap Dancing clubs, article appears in this is Nottingham.   The online paper is worth a read, especially for the comments, and the number of women responding about their use of the sex shops. The Council are running a consultation until the 22nd of February.  Please complete.

SEX shops and lap-dancing clubs should be banned in Nottingham, says the county’s Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner.

Chris Cutland claims they are “old fashioned” and “demeaning” to women.

Ms Cutland said: “I would like to see a ban. There is a correlation particularly between how women feel when there are more sex shops and lap-dancing clubs – it makes areas no-go areas for women.”

Ms Cutland said research in the London Borough of Camden showed there was a 50 per cent increase in sexual assaults after a rapid expansion of lap-dancing clubs.

Ms Cutland is using an invalid conclusion from an organisation, Lilith, which wants to see the end of Lap Dancing clubs and sex shops.  Their figures were massaged by setting the start and end dates for a sample which would prove their case.  Read Dr Brooke Magnanti’s analysis of rape statistics in Camden.

She stressed there was no evidence linking such venues with crime in Notts, but said: “Fortunately there have been no recorded incidents of violence or sexual assault in Notts which can be directly linked to these venues but is that because their presence in the city is very limited at present?”

Here Ms Cutland then refutes her argument, there is no link between crime and these establishments, this is because their presence is limited in the city?

The council’s consultation survey is available  here and  closes next Friday, February 22.  I would suggest that you complete the short and totally anonymous survey.  It won’t take you long.


2 comments on “Nottingham calls for the closure of Sex Shops and Lap Dancing Clubs

  1. everay2013
    16 February, 2013

    Deputy Police and Crime Commissioners are unelected, appointed to well paid jobs that were never advertised simply because they are friends of the Commissioner who was him/herself elected in a farcical election with 10% turn out. She has no mandate and, evidently, no knowledge.

  2. respectsexwork
    17 February, 2013

    Reblogged this on respectsexwork.

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