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Fantastic New Sex Worker Book Published

I had the pleasure of proof reading it and would like to introduce it to you all


I was asked to write a review for a book by a fellow escort. I personally am not a huge fan of books about escorting lives but I said yes. I was surprised when I started to read it that it was not another boring life story or a story that judges sex workers for good or bad but rather a book that tells the story of a sex worker through his sexual adventures. Yes it is a dirty sex book and very dirty and very explicit in places. It is also a very human story. Perhaps there is a little to much philosophy at the beginning for those who want action from the first page but this is what makes this book that little bit different and believe me it gets dirtier and is well deserving of the title “My Dirty Memoirs.”

Christopher Harlot (not his real name) is now an erotic masseur with an infamous blog. This is “book one.” Apparently there will be three books in the series. Book one tells us of his privileged life (I mean his family had stabling for ten horses) and how he lost his virginity, how he became very popular with many of the college rugby team and of his love affairs. I gather book two will detail his early years escorting, mainly in Edinburgh and London and Book three will bring us up to date with what he is doing now.

I enjoyed reading this book and yes it even made me blush in places but was nice to read something a little different. Very erotic, very graphic, very honest and written from a gay/bi man’s point of view. The book details his sexual encounters with women and men and couples. I agree so much with his philosophy about sex. I just wish that I had his honesty and his staying power.

Visit it’s available for Kindle, Kobo, iPad and many others



One comment on “Fantastic New Sex Worker Book Published

  1. Douglas Fox
    16 February, 2013

    Has a had a re edit. The Introduction of “MY Dirty Memoirs” is part of a longer piece from another book coming our soon based on this blog called “Harlots”. “Harlots” will deal with sex work now in the UK and about activism and the anti. industy. Busy writing it now and looking for a publisher.

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