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I thought I would reblog this post from a client of sexworkers and their view on criminalising the purchase of sexual services. Clients who poke their head above the parapet are welcome. Their view is important, they are the present day pariarahs.

Eve's Temptations

The title of this post is, of course, ironic. I write about sex work issues from time to time and am asked on occasions what I know about it. The answer is not as much as many other people who write in defence of sex workers’ rights but, I suspect, more than a lot of those who post from the other side. I have never been a sex worker, although I have a good friend who works as a dominatrix, but I have been a client. For some this makes me an incarnation of evil, accessory to trafficking etc. etc. I just want to say a little about my experience and the impressions it left me with.

A few years ago I was working away from home on an interim contract, in Manchester to be precise. I loved my time there. It is a city with a vibrancy I find rather lacking…

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  1. Eve Ray
    8 February, 2013

    I posted this because I wanted to share my experience. Both my partner and I are highly educated professional people and certainly don’t see ourselves as pariahs. In fact both the girls we saw told us that they have a number of regular clients like us. You would in any case need a decent disposable income to afford them on a regular basis. Clients are not always socially inadequate men in dirty macs. And not a few of them are women. I enjoyed having paid sex with another woman and I’m not ashamed say so.

    • Editor
      8 February, 2013

      Thank you for sharing your experiences.

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