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Northern Ireland debate on the legality of prostitutuion

The Nolan show on BBC NI brought together Lord Morrow and Laura Lee to debate the legality of prostitution. Lord Morrow has a bill in Northern Ireland to fight trafficking. One controversial part of the bill is to criminalise the buyers of sex. This is called the Nordic Model, or End Demand. This model has the intention of ending the demand for sex-workers, and then ‘evil’ prostitution will disappear along with trafficking. Laura Lee a currently working sex-worker argues against the end demand proposal.

The Nordic proposal ignores the fact that end demand does not remove from the market those who are most likely to abuse sex workers and create the demand for trafficked women. The law abiding customers will be deterred, leaving a smaller pool of clients who will contain a larger proportion of bad dates. Sex workers, especially the more vulnerable sex workers end up making dates where otherwise they might have walked away. Risking a greater level of abuse.

Fight this stupid proposed legislation, demand total decriminalisation of sex work. Its the only safe proposal.

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