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Sex workers back on the care home agenda, say activists

Maggie McNeil a prolific sex-worker blogger wrote a piece in Cliterati concerning the Sussex care home which allowed sex-workers on the premises.  I omitted to mention her piece when I pointed out the hate filled article from Ann Tagonist.

I apologise for this, and here is a reblog of Maggie’s as always excellent article.

First of all, I applaud the caring people at Chaseley and their willingness to recognize that disabled people have just as much right to physical intimacy as everyone else, and that this right is no more removed by their residence in a care institution than any of their other rights would be; most of the comments on the story were also positive and supportive.  The same cannot be said, I’m afraid, for the council, the newspaper (judging by the scare quotes around words like “therapeutic”) and a minority of the commenters, all of whom seem to believe that sex is not a need and that there is something lurid, amusing or even harmful about paying for sex.  The council spokesman would never claim that the nursing home itself presented a credible threat of “exploitation and abuse” to “vulnerable residents”, but he thinks nothing of making the same specious claim about sex work, which is every bit as much a caring profession as nursing is.

The full article Caring Professionals can be read HERE…..

While on the topic, there is an article in Disability News Service concerning the rights of the disabled to a sex life.

Campaigners are calling for more awareness of disabled people’s right to a sex life, after newspaper reports suggested that staff at care homes across Sussex were “facilitating” the visits of sex workers.

The article mentions two organisations working for sexual expression for the disable, The Outsiders and the TLC Trust.  The TLC Trust brings together Sex Workers and the disabled.

Its sad  to read that two years ago, a survey of councils by The Outsiders and the TLC Trust, found only three per cent of local authorities had a policy on the use of sex workers by disabled service-users, with the same number happy for sex workers to be paid using money from a disabled person’s personal budget or other council funding.

The full article Sex workers back on the care home agenda, say activists  can be read HERE…..


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