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Laura Lee surrogate – covered by the Sun

Laura Lee Sexwork activist appeared in the Sun today with an article on her work with disabled people.  For a Sun article there were not many snide comments, just the usual comment from ignorance as to the standing of prostitution in this county (United Kingdom).  Yes there are people who believe sex work is illegal in this country.

Its amazing how one Hollywood film has fuelled a feeding frenzy in the press for interviews with sex workers who work with disabled clients.  This article was fair and reported Laura’s words.  Not all articles are like this, and some can be sensationalist.  A previous article placed the spotlight on care homes in Sussex, and generated hate posts covered previously by Harlots Parlour. I expect this publicity will have a detrimental affect on disabled people who now may be denied the company of a sex surrogates.

Oh dear,  have just realised this is a Rupert Murdock paper and I am deep linking to an article.

3 comments on “Laura Lee surrogate – covered by the Sun

  1. Steve
    5 February, 2013

    I see disabled clients. They actually need the service more than the greedy bloke down the street wanting a bit more nookie.

    They’re nearly always lovely. Back in 2006 I had a guy ring me to visit him in Middlesbrough. He asked if I took payments by card and yes I have a discreet PayPal account. The payment was from his mother. He was 37 and lived with his parents. He suffered for acute MS. His mother and father went to the “Leek Show” at a local pub and booked my services for him.

    I’ve seen him regularly since. Always paid by card. Usually once or twice a year.

    Even parents know is is an option and some are pro-active in making it happen.

  2. Julie Bates
    5 February, 2013

    Good on you Steve. Why do people hate us so when we mostly do such good work and bring joy to the lives of our clients. I am a sex worker, not a sex therapist but I know the services I provide to people has an element of therapy in it. I have a similar experience being booked by the mature adult children whose aged father is in a nursing home. The children, in consultation with case managers, had identified and discussed their father’s continuing needs for intimacy and female company that he can actually touch and be touched in exchange despite his advanced years. Robert is 94. I was booked via an agency that supports the needs of people with a disability to access sex workers who have experience, training, commitment and desire to work with people with a disability. The children then phoned me and very candidly asked me some questions and discussed what they believed their father’s sexual needs were and history of his relationships. This is person centred care as it is meant to be – what the person wants and articulates and how others can advocate for them.
    Post script:
    ‘Robert’ had a lovely time, we shared a drink, some memories from his past and some intimate touching and caressing which brought a smile to his face and a sparkle in his eyes. I will be seeing Robert again.

  3. Editor
    21 February, 2013

    Back in Australia, the issue of sex and disabilities has been raised in a parliamentary inquiry into draft legislation for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).
    A Canberra man with cerebral palsy wants the services of sex workers to be considered a legitimate need for people with disabilities in the NDIS bill.

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/national/call-to-include-sex-work-in-ndis/story-e6frfku9-1226582438062#ixzz2LWPwgBlh


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