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An interesting post from a sexworker working in the US and the UK comparing the law and saftey. One importanct caveat she makes, we must be vigilant and and not take the legal status (though imperfect) for granted. We must constantly make our voices heard and tell the world we are sex workers and we want to work as sexworkers. There is a very flawed survey being run until the 4th of February by a Parliamentary Group on Prostitution. If you have not completed it, please do so. The website address is http://appgprostitution.org


“working as a prostitute in private is not an offence, and neither is working as an outcall escort.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prostitution_in_the_United_Kingdom#Current_laws

…this is currently true.  For now.  There is a move to make it illegal to pay for sex.

I do not currently live in the UK, but I have very strong feelings about this partially because I’m a caring human being and smart enough to know that this is a devastating move towards making people’s lives less safe, and partially because I have history with legal and illegal sex work and it scares me that so few people seem to realize the reality of the hell a person can go through because of the legality of sex work, and the danger element that making it illegal adds to sex work.

I am from the United States, and I live in currently live in the United States.  Here it is illegal, except for certain…

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  1. Aphrodite Phoenix
    29 January, 2013

    Good morning Douglas! I took the survey. Socked it to ’em, of course. Didn’t mention I’m American. What’s the diff…we’re all in this mess together, and it’s even worse in the States anyway.

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