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An article in a blog I found written by an Agency Escort describing a day of work. It really shows how, I’me struggling for words, mundane, non eventful sexwork can be.

Middlesex Journalism



By Konstantinos Koulocheris.

Katrina M., 27 narrates her life in a day as a professional London Escort-girl.    

My day starts around 10  in the morning, when I get myself out of the bed. First task is to have a shower , which I consider to be the most important part of my morning. Then I get myself a huge bowl of cereals, dry red fruits and yogurt. That is my usual breakfast. I follow a specific diet in order to keep my body balanced. I consider it to be a crucial part of my business-as much as hygiene is. For example, if I get skinnier, I will lose the African regulars and if I put up on weight, I will certainly lose the white regulars (laughs).

In general, I don’t really like mornings and I can’t understand those who like them. Until the time I will get to…

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  1. jemima101
    27 January, 2013

    Just raging at the picture the blog chose to illustrate the interview, and have left a comment saying how much it contradicts the tone and attitude of the escort. It is as if the editor couldn’t quite bring herself to believe that sex work isnt, underneath, a bad thing with suffering women who do anything for money.

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