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A guest post by Billie Lister.

Hi everyone,

My name is Billie and I wanted to let The Parlour’s readers know about a new project which has recently been launched in Wales. The Student Sex Work Project seeks to discover more about the opinions and requirements of students involved in the sex industry in Wales. We have launched a website at “The student work shop project” . and are currently looking for sex workers to get involved and fill out our online survey. Workers can also join as members and blog about their experiences with others. The survey is aimed at both student sex workers and students who are not involved in the industry, as one of the aims of the project is to gather common perceptions of those who do fund their education via sex work.

This important study is funded for a period of three years by the Big Lottery, and for the first time will allow the opportunity for sex working students to get their voices heard. The project is part of the UK Network of Sex Work Projects and we also offer a netreach service where workers can access support in real time online. As well as learning and understanding about student sex worker needs and associated issues, the project provides an innovative sexual health service to a marginalised population via an ethical, empowering research led framework. We decided to start the project due to a lack of research about the nature of student sex work in the UK, and an accompanying lack of policy recognition that young people might be involved. Furthermore, we believe that student sex workers should be able to access sexual health advice, if required, in a safe and non judgemental environment. The project is working in partnership with Terrence Higgins Trust, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board- Integrated Sexual Health Service, the National Union of Students Wales and Newport Film School, who are producing a thirty minute social drama to generate discussion on the issue. Sex workers can get involved in this if they wish – the project is completely committed to the preservation of confidentially and anonymity at all times.

As well as checking out the website, you can follow us on Twitter @TSSWP and also like us on Facebook at “/thestudentsexworkprojectfacebook” .

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