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This survey being run by the All Parliamentary Group on Prostitution is biased in its background on prostitution. Not surprising considering the 20 MPs in this group. The Group was started by dear Fiona from Slough, and was financed by CARE. Not a good starting point for unbiased opinion. Though as a group they have no power and no funding, its as well that as many complete the questionnaire. An example of a reply has been provided by out American friends which I have taken the liberty to cross post. Thank you aspasialibertine.


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  1. jemima101
    13 January, 2013

    Fingers crossed a post on Care and other religious groups funding End Demand will be in the Occupied times this week.

  2. aspasialibertine
    13 January, 2013

    Thanks for the reblog! 🙂

    • Elrond
      13 January, 2013

      Thank you for writing to that self elected parliamentary group and giving support to issues in the UK. You also replied in a human fashion, published your response which should help others formulate their reply. I hope we can shock this anti group into at least watering down their Nordic intentions. Whether this Government will take notice is up to debate, the next Government will likely make sex work an issue.

  3. Richard
    13 January, 2013

    The Hon. Member for Luton South (who just has to be an improvement on his predecessor, who was found unfit to plead) writes repeatedly about a “UK Settlement” legal framework covering the sex industry, which he groundlessly seems to think exists. He, curiously, also aims all of his survey at “reducing demand” – he needs to come out on the hill here in October, and consider how he could reduce the stags’ demands!

    Actually, IMHO, the Hon. Gentleman, while totally misguided, is, sort of, honest!

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