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THE HATERS ARE BACK…..What can we do?

They’re back, like man eating zombies off some television mini series that repeats again and again and again and again for ever. The sex worker haters are once again hunting down victims. A tiny minority of well connected men hating, women hating, freedom hating, sex hating individuals, ( although to be honest most are privileged and very well heeled women who love to patronise and claim predominantly leftist political leanings), are again probing into the bedrooms of the UK.

The saddest and most distressing part of the mythology they have conjured out of thin air and which they abuse quite blatantly is the lie that they care about women and about gender equality. Gullible politicians and some unscrupulous media types lap this propaganda up which is frightening. These politicians and their uncaring allies within the media never question if the hype and mythology being excreted for their delectation by these wealthy women is actually evidentially credible or if it just represents an ideological interpretation of sex work that is openly at variance with the reality of sex work spoken about very eloquently by real sex workers . These women and their allies deny the voices of the sex workers whom they claim to care about and they ignore totally all independent and methodically validated research into the real experiences of real sex workers. Those real voices of sex workers are ignored as are the voices of the public who repeatedly express their desire for sex work to be legalised/ decriminalised and that sex workers be protected rather than subjected to illogical and inhuman legislation that denies them basic human rights. In the parallel universe where the sex worker haters exist and where they formulate their hateful propaganda sex workers are with out exception worthless women, always victims and all men, because only men are clients, are rapists and aggressors. Their ideology is intrinsically abusive to women and to men.

In the sex worker haters universe male sex workers like my self apparently don’t exist unless we metamorphose into feminised young boys who conveniently confirm their assertion that feminine is weak and vulnerable and masculine is aggressive. It is actually quite laughable if it were not for the fact that these people are taken seriously by people who really do have the power to destroy lives. And these people honestly do not care a jot if a sex worker, man or woman is destroyed by unjust laws they condone and incite. The truth is spelt out loud and clear within this article in the “Guardian” where Rhoda Grant says:

“Scotland has recognised prostitution as violence against women for some time, but unfortunately there has been a lot of talk and little action,” said Grant. “It was time to do something about it. If you recognise prostitution is violence against a woman then this makes a lot of sense.”

The Scottish bill would not decriminalise selling sex, because it could have an inadvertent negative impact on current programmes in place to help sex workers, she said, but this would be looked at again in the future.”

The truth then is out. These sex worker haters don’t care about saving sex workers, or about thier safety or the safety of women or gender equality. What they are truly after is the elimination of sex workers. It’s the sex workers they are after not the clients.
And for those who disagree think for a moment. If you want to catch a client then you will have to catch a sex worker, and if you want to prosecute a client then you will have to force the sex worker to give evidence….HOW? Easy answer, condoms will be used as evidence; physical examinations will have to be used as evidence, the hostile testimony of third parties will have be used as evidence ie hotel employees, neighbours, or just people out to cause trouble for individuals.
How are they going to catch the clients and the sex workers in the first place? Are there to be policemen stationed outside every sex workers house or Flat? The truth is it is an almost impossible law to impose without huge costs not only financially but in the intrusive infringements of personal liberty. The real purpose of this legislation is to tell sex workers that the police will not help you. This sends a message to criminals that sex workers are yours to rape, rob, and kill. This result will not worry the sex worker haters because they want us dead, such is their hatred of sex workers that they believe that every assault on a sex worker is deserved.

This is why I am so cautious about the much talked of UK nationwide Ugly mug scheme. The Eves project (highlighted within the Guardian article) is heavily involved in the UK ugly mug scheme and they support the criminalisation of our clients……the criminalisation of us….I think they have an ulterior motivation for their involvement and it certainly is not the well being of sex workers.

The reason they are starting their campaign now is of course because of legislation currently being proposed in Ireland, Northern Ireland and more importantly Scotland. All three are interesting cases. All three are strongly sectarian and in the case of Ireland and Northern Ireland especially, homophobia and general intolerance has been well documented. Liberal attitudes are often difficult to discern in the legislation of all three countries. Religion, moralists and hypocrites hop into bed together all too easily in all of these countries to fight liberalism of any kind. Scotland hopefully may be a beacon of light in the gloom but only if the liberal instincts of Edinburgh manage to persuade the “people’s republic” of Glasgow and the religious highlands to have some sense. We must wait and see. England and Wales however is a very different case. We must fight and fight hard for justice. We must demand that decriminalisation is at least given an equal hearing alongside the criminalising of clients. The failure of the Swedish law must be documented and brought to the attention of the media and politicians and the simple truth stated repeatedly that the lives of sons, daughters, mothers is more important that the ideology of a tiny handful of wealthy sex haters. Sex workers must dominate this coming debate but to do that we must organise now. To organise we need funds and we need more support from other sex workers and from the general public. We must all write to the media and we must all contact our MPs to tell them we want decriminalisation not more aggressive persecution.

I doubt anything will truly happen until after the next general election (but we must be vigilant) when of course the haters are hoping for their champions, the Labour party, to gain power. The Labour party is infamous for its historic desire to poke its nose into the private lives of British citizens and during the last Labour administration tried to introduce the failed Swedish legislation but had to abandon its plans and settle for some still very dangerous legislation discussed previously on this blog.

We must start preparing now. You cannot fight a battle with out funding. Please support sex worker activists by donating to the IUSW. The “IUSW” is the only inclusive sex worker grouping in the UK that represents all sex workers. It has however little or no funds. To fight these millionaire abolitionists they need your support. Please donate if you can.

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3 comments on “THE HATERS ARE BACK…..What can we do?

  1. peter schevtschenko
    28 December, 2012

    manchester evening news(sister paper to daily mirror). metro & loot(daily mail group) have ads for brothels & escort agencies
    as these papers are making money from prostitution, they should donate!
    perhaps it would be a good idea to approach them in a public way to shame them into donating?

  2. Douglas Fox
    28 December, 2012

    If only…but we all know what hypocrites the press are.

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