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Everyone at Harlots would like to send our readers a very special blessing for this holy night of Samhain. Tonight is the Pagan New Year and it is the night we remember our ancestors and pray for the dead. It is also the night when we make wishes for the New Year and leave offerings for the faery and other spirits that roam the earth. It is the most sacred and holy of nights and therefore a suitable time for all sex workers to make a wish for an end to our suffering and pray that the Goddess brings light to the darkened minds of those who criminalise and persecute us.

Prayer for Samahain.

    On this most holy night of Samhain,
    the holy mother hears our prayers for our ancestors and for our loved ones.
    We remember all sentient beings who suffer pain and suffering at the hands of the ignorant and cruel.
    She grants our wishes and gives us strength for the year to come.

    In this coming year Holy mother we remember especially the suffering of sex workers who have lost their homes, their children, their liberty and who have been persecuted by cruel and abusive states and by those who falsely claim to help us. Grant holy mother that this Samhain will strengthen our resolve to fight for justice for all sex workers who honour through their work, your compassion.

    Blessed Be.

Happy Samhain everyone.
Douglas and everyone at Harlots.

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2 comments on “HAPPY AND BLESSED SAMHAIN. OCT 31st.

  1. Brittany Love
    30 October, 2012

    Wonderful. Thanks for this. ❤

  2. Aphrodite Phoenix
    2 November, 2012

    Thank you so much for that, Douglas. You have connected me with a pagan origin of Halloween….and I like that! I hope that you are well and fine. It was great talking with you when we did for that short time, back when we almost interviewed together. And I am ever grateful for your review of my book.
    Thanks again for Samhain awareness.

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