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Siobhan McMahon


I’m more than a little confused by this MSP. I’ll get to the main reason in a minute, but the confusion was deepened when I saw this tweet.


He should hang his head in shame? Why? For being pro-choice? For agreeing that women should be able to choose for themselves especially in cases of rape or incest?

Strange woman.

Anyway, back to the point I was originally going to make:

I have just tweeted Ms McMahon.


Assuming she agrees with that definition of violence against women, then one would assume that if one takes the women out of the equation that Ms McMahon would still agree with this as a definition of violence. That being the case, I would draw her attention to the part which states that violent actions are

actions which harm or cause suffering or indignity, including emotional, psychological, sexual and physical abuse

The reason I want to hear her answer is as follows.

If a man yelled at a woman in a way which made her cry, I’m sure that we all – including Ms McMahon – would consider it to be abuse.

If someone yelled at me in a way which made me cry, I would consider it to be abuse.

So come on Siobhan McMahon, MSP and member of Parliament’s Equal Opportunities Committee… Explain why you did this:

At that point, Siobhan McMahon yelled at me. Okay, okay, semantics. She might dispute “yelled”. All I can say is, I literally can’t remember the last time someone spoke to me with such aggression. Maybe that’s how they roll in the Scottish Parliament, but in normal adult life, grown-ups don’t speak to each other in such unmoderated tones. I can’t recall exactly what she yelled, because I was so shocked at being shouted at I kind of neglected to pay attention to the details, but it concluded with the observation that “the way that democracy works” is that we can have differing opinions. Um, thanks? For explaining to me how democracy works? I wonder if she so kindly explains the basics of “democracy” to everyone, or only to stupid whores. So then I cried, through a mixture of shock, fury, and, well, sadness I guess. I kind of hoped the debate would be slightly more elevated. Silly me

You can read the full story and many other interesting and thought provoking posts here

I think we can all agree that this particular MPS’s actions would have caused indignity.

So maybe, Siobhan, you should be the one to hang your head in shame.


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