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Media Enquiry.

I have been contacted by Mel fallowfield from Closer magazine.

Hi there, I hope you don’t mind me emailing you slightly out of the blue….my name is Mel Fallowfield and I’m a freelance journalist working on an article for Closer magazine.
I’m hoping to write an article from a female escort or madame who has a teenage daughter and would be happy for them to become a sex worker too.
I wondered whether you might know anyone who fitted the bill. I’d be happy to read any article back and there would be a payment for taking part. Both the mum and teen daughter would need to be fully identified and photographed.

I told her that this was asking a lot and I doubted if she would have much response. She replied with the following:

Hi douglas, thank you so much for getting back to me – I really appreciate it.
Um I have to say I’d be interested in pretty much any escort who would be happy to be identified…anything that you think is unusual would probably work for me….ooh and definitely looking for an older escort…in their 60s or above…also any family connections, ie sisters/twins who are both escorts (not necessarily going on jobs together or anything like that)….
I would of course pay anyone who appeared in an article….and also I’d be happy to give complete copy approval prior to publication…

My advice to anyone interested in being involved is to be careful that you do get to see the article before it is published and appreciate that being photographed and identified can have consequences. Otherwise have a chat with her and see how much she/they are offering.

Her email address is:


Douglas, editor HP.

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8 comments on “Media Enquiry.

  1. elrond
    5 August, 2012

    I am sure the request must be in response to Madam Beckys recent revelations the Sun

  2. Douglas Fox
    5 August, 2012

    Probably, they are asking a lot though. I am just ultra careful of the media now.

  3. Madam Becky
    5 August, 2012

    Closer wanted to buy the story,but Bella Mag are running it in a week or so, so Closer are after similar. I’ve found both these publications were happy to read back articles before publishing, although they do like a mis-leading, attention grabbing headline.

  4. Madam Becky
    5 August, 2012

    They have no idea how tricky these stories can make life for working girls and don’t care at all. I wanted to cause a fuss and start a debate about young people who chose sex work to pay student debts, so had to come up with an interesting angle. The old argument that no one chooses sex work and every worker is a coerced victim… so the fact that ‘IF’ my daughter told me she was going to start escorting, I would see that she was safe and well informed made me public enemy number 1.
    As you know the public on both sides of the Atlantic went mad and wanted me stoned in the street when it was printed.
    I’m standing by my view point though, and am due to appear on This Morning to continue the rumpas.

  5. Maxine Doogan
    6 August, 2012

    I met a gal last night who’s father co owned a brothel in one of the southern states in the US. She said she grew up eating breakfast with ‘the girls’ and they were wonderful to her. She said it wasn’t until she in her early twenties that she understood the negative stigma society attaches the way she grew up. And she her self did work in the business to fund her collage.

  6. Madam Becky
    6 August, 2012

    Both my daughters were the same Maxine. They grew up with ‘working’ ladies and always say it was like having fairy godmothers who spoilt them and were lovely to them. My oldest daughter worked on reception for me when she reached 18, and growing up around brothels has made both my kids very open minded and protective toward those in society who are mis-understood or vilified by the masses.
    People accuse me of trying to ‘glamorise’ prostitution by saying such things, but I’m trying to do the opposite, to show that often sex work is quite ordinary and ‘work-a-day’ for those who have chosen to be involved.

    Madam Becky x

  7. Honey B
    11 August, 2012

    Wow, you’re a brave lady Madam Becky, but I do agree we shouldn’t be seen as ‘victims’ in any way shape or form. I remember having a furious debate with an Oxonian student on FB about this because she claimed that she and other females were ‘threatened’ by the very presence of a lapdance club in the city, which is ludicrous because she said nothing about brothels and independent workers and there are many in the area! Ignorance abounds!!

  8. Matt
    16 August, 2012

    Seeing that WordPress doesn’t provide any ‘Like’ function underneath each comment, I’d like to start by saying that I very much like the above comments by Madam Becky and Maxine. You made me think about how good it would be to have sex workers be a part of safe sex campaigns in schools. Or imagine having a student bringing their mom or dad to school for one of those days where parents explain about their work. They sure would do a good job speaking about taboos and discrimination. (No, I am not kidding.)

    As for the Mel Fallowfield’s request, it appears, with all due respect, quite unprofessional to me – from my non-sex worker perspective – even if one would like to give her the benefit of the doubt. I, too, ask sex workers personal questions, but only after ensuring that it is understood that any question or request can be skipped or ignored without any explanation being necessary. In my opinion, when contacting sex workers with a request, one needs to be aware of who or what you represent (the Media, the government, Academia, NGOs etc.). I know that I am not without fault either, but asking for the mother and the daughter to be fully identified and photographed as if that means nothing, seems to me, please correct me if I’m wrong, extremely unaware of what she is actually asking for. Fair enough she offers reading back the article and fair enough she is offering money. She should. Neither of which will be enough, however, for two people to come out in public, having to deal with the fallout for the foreseeable future. And, as Madame Becky wrote on her blog, most points are likely to be “missed by most of the readers” anyway, so I doubt that it’s worth coming out for such an article in that type of publication.

    Ploughing further down the path of the old question ‘Would you want your daughter to grow up to be sex worker?’ doesn’t seem particularly appealing to me if it’s going to be reduced by a sensationalist ‘Shocking Mum’ byline. I recently discussed that question with a sex worker here in South Korea, but in the context of discussing the rhetoric employed by prostitution abolitionists. She said that she actually would not want her daughter to become a sex worker, but that the reason for that wasn’t the work itself, but the massive stigma and discrimination that comes along with it and that she would like to protect her daughter from experiencing.

    I suppose that once you lead an article with that question, the outrage it instils in most readers – ‘What kind of mother would DO such a thing?’ – will always drown out the other facts, as sadly seems to have happened with Madame Becky’s piece.

    In addition, using that question over and over again also supports the focus on female sex workers which in turn supports the narrative that all women in the sex trade are victims, so I really cannot see the benefit in it. That said, pointing out that sex work is more honest than work in the banking sector was a nice headline, and it’s a shame that readers failed to get the message.

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