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Canada bans entry of foreign strippers

While “trolling” the internet (sorry, amusing in joke), I came across this article on Canada. Apparently as part of the Canadian governments plans to stop exploitation within the sex industry, the Canadian government have banned foreign workers who enter on work visas, from working in brothels, massage parlours, as escorts or as strippers. I wonder if this ban also applies to burlesque as well?
Once again hysteria and prejudice and hype is being used to stigmatise sex workers. It is a ban that will do nothing to stop genuine trafficking of sex slaves because sex slaves tend not to enter legally or to apply for work permits. This seems to be just another ominous attack on sex work by the Canadian government at a time when Canada is debating if sex work should be decriminalised.

The article is by Harleen Kaur – July 7, 2012 for CanadaUpdates.com You can read the full article with photos “HERE”

Canada, 7th July: In its latest change in immigration rules, Canada has shut the door for foreign dancers including strippers.

This has been revealed by Canada immigration minister Jason Kenney.

Canada’s no to temporary work permits for foreign strippers—From 14th July onwards, businesses in Canada giving employment to foreign strippers and escorts won’t be given temporary Canada work permits for bringing in temporary foreign workers.

This means an end to businesses related to sex trade. It will also mean a poor market for jobs of massage parlors, strip clubs and escort services.

Immigration minister Jason Kenney said foreigners coming to Canada on Canada study permits or those coming on Canada open work permits were able to work at any message parlor without any legal hitch.

However, from 28th July onwards, Canada immigration department will clear notify all such applicants that they will not be allowed to work in any sex-related business or industry in Canada, Kenney affirmed.

Move aimed to combat human trafficking–CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada) says it is not going to process any applications for new Canada temporary work permits for all businesses related to sex trade industry. This includes businesses involving higher risk of exploitation and abuse of foreign workers.

The aim of this latest immigration change by Canada immigration department CIC is to combat human trafficking, reveals a release by Canada government.

According to an official spokesperson, Canada is witnessing arrival of foreigners for working in businesses related to sex trade and this makes them vulnerable to exploitation or abuse. Canada immigration minister Jason Kenney said the federal go

Already, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada has stated issuing of negative LMOs (Labor Market Opinion) for all Canada immigration applications linked to sex business.

Kenney, however, clarified that applicants who are certified message therapists will still be granted Canada temporary work permits to work in Canada.

As per official figures revealed by Canada government for the years 2006 and 2011, a total of 496 Canada visas were issued to foreign exotic dancers. This is a decline from a total of 1,713 Canada visas issued to foreign dancers between 2001 and 2005.

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