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    by Jane Meredith

I choose to review this book because it deals with issues that many sex workers face in their work. Both as sex workers and as sex workers dealing with clients; we often have to deal with often bewildering, confusing and sometimes uncomfortable issues. These could be others perceptions of our work or our clients often complicated sexual problems, their fetishes, their often confused sexuality, their emotional relationship with sex, with others. Critics of sex work often fail, (deliberately) to truly comprehend the extend that emotion, empathy and compassion are vital if a sex worker is to be successful. Sex work is not all about sex, despite the fantasies of anti sex work propagandists. This book; if you are a Pagan or not suggests, that the “bad” things in life are not to be feared but instead can actually be a source of strength for us and for others.

Sometime it is hard to understand or to rationalise the “bad” things that we all experience, death, illness, relationship break ups, unemployment, depression, the list is almost endless. We are taught; perhaps even expected within our society to at best suffer these events stoically or worse to ignore them or to treat them as things to be suffered and then forgotten about as quickly as possible. Bad things detract us from our constant pursuit of happiness, pleasure, success. Rarely within so called “New age spirituality” is the dark side of life, the dark Goddess, presented as anything other than something to be avoided.
Jane Meredith in her book “Journey to the dark Goddess”, asks us to embrace the darkness, to welcome the bad things that happen and to not be frightened of them. They are, she argues, part of the natural cycle of life. They allow the body and the mind to reset, rebalance as it were. Once you understand this; you honestly feel somehow lighter and less pessimistic. This simple, natural reasoning applies not only to the personal but to all aspects of life, of society, even the economy and that; if embraced, gives a clearer understanding of and acceptance of the ups and downs we all experience.
Through a series of meditations, rituals and explorations of Goddess mythologies (Inanna, Persephone, Pysche) Jane Meredith invites the reader on a journey of self discovery. We are invited to welcome the dark Goddess and to understand the dark Goddess as compassion.
A wonderful book that; although predominantly written for women (I would ask why), is a book that I would highly recommend for everyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation. (4. star rating).
By Douglas Fox,

Book is available to purchase“HERE” from Amazon.


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  1. pycraftsworld
    23 May, 2012

    Sounds like a very Buddhist approach to problem solving

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