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There is a new internet radio show starting on the 5th of April called the Charlie Spice show. Many of the authors, including myself listed on Harlots will be invited to speak and to engage in conversations and debates about sex work and the sex industry.

It would be wonderful if our readers would tune in and join the conversation and become involved in the debates. The promise is that the topics will often be controversial and cover a variety of topics relevant to sex work and the industry but often not discussed by the mainstream media. The promise is to give voices to all within the sex work industry, managers, owners, dancers, etc etc.

The first broadcast will include (provisionally) Dr Belinda Brook Gordon, Shelly Stoops and myself among others. The blurb on his website about the show is:

The Charlie Spice Show is a new weekly talk show on internet Radio/TV.

During the show, the host engages guests and the audience in live, interactive discussion on controversial issues, news, reviews and information about the Sex and Adult Entertainment Industry.

One of the main objectives of the show is to highlight issues, which tend to be marginalized, ignored and swept under the carpet as a result of moralistic views, political expedience and hypocrisy.

The aim is also to offer an in-depth, unbiased look at the difficult issues as we seek to uncover the truth and take the audience beyond the speculations, misconceptions, lies, myths, stereotypes and hypocrisy about this “taboo” industry, which continues to intrigue the masses on all sides of the fence.

The show also gives the audience an inside look at the mechanics and dynamics of the Sex/Adult Entertainment Industry.

As a global media platform, forum and social network, the Charlie Spice Show gives sex industry professionals and organisations a powerful voice to promote their views, opinions, events, products and services.

Over 500 million listeners worldwide collectively tune into thousands of online radio channels on the Internet. The BlogTalkRadio, the platform where eRadio Broadcast Network is hosted has over 100 million listeners worldwide.

The eRadio Broadcast Network, which produces and broadcasts the Charlie Spice Show has over 60 thousand listeners worldwide.

Any number of these listeners from this traffic volume can tune into the Charlie Spice Show at anytime, via the Internet. They can tune in during the live broadcast or at anytime in the archives where each episode is stored indefinitely.

The Charlie Spice Show is live and interactive. Therefore, listeners can participate in the discussion to ask questions or to share their views, opinions and comments. Listeners can participate by calling into the studio via telephone on +1 347 855 8239, via skype or instant chat messaging.

Listeners can also download each episode. This enables them to pause, stop, fast forward and rewind as required. They can also play the downloaded episodes on media players anywhere.

We provide listeners with a code to embed each episode onto their own websites. This enables their web visitors to listen to The Charlie Spice Show directly from their webpage.

The Charlie Spice Show is hosted by Charlie Spice, who is a Media Producer, Talk Show Host and Author.

Charlie is also a former sex industry professional and operator with over 26 years experience. During his tenure, Charlie worked all sectors of the industry in the USA, UK, Europe and the Caribbean, before retiring in 2006/7 to pursue other ambitions.

Charlie is no stranger to controversy, adversity or to tackling difficult issues head on.
You can read more “HERE”


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  1. Madam Becky
    3 April, 2012

    That’s a brilliant idea. Well done and good luck to all of you.

    Madam Becky

    • Charlie Spice
      3 April, 2012

      Thanks Madam Becky for your kind words.

      We would love to have you as a guests on the show sometime.

  2. Douglas Fox
    3 April, 2012

    Thank you. You may perhaps want to sign up and be involved. He is looking for people to appear on the show and speak about their work etc.

  3. Matt
    6 April, 2012

    Listen to last night’s show!

    Guests: Douglas Fox, sex worker activist and editor of the sex industry blog Harlot’s Parlour; Sarah Walker, spokesperson for the English Collective of Prostitutes; Matthias Lehmann – Independent Researcher and Creator of Research Project Korea

    Charlie Spice Show – Sex Work, Sex Workers and the Sex Industry

  4. Aphrodite Phoenix
    9 April, 2012

    Charlie you will for sure be hearing from me. I’m looking forward to it. Good luck with the launch!

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