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Australian Charity Accussed of Faking Hill Tribe Rescue

We know some charities and NGOs are open to interpret statistics and research to aid them in negotiations for Government funds, and to pull at the purse strings of the general public.  Here they go one step further and fake rescues for fund raising publicity.

A case of an Australian charity called The Gray Man has started Australian investigations into their methods of money  raising.  The Gray Man charity published a rescue they made of 21 children from a life in Thai brothels and slavery.  Using photos of the group to raise money from the public.  An investigation has found the children never left the village, all living at home, attending school, and all their meals, uniforms being paid for by the Thai Government.

The Australian Federal Police were summoned by the Thai police and urged to look into the alleged fake rescue.

Read more of the article here



One comment on “Australian Charity Accussed of Faking Hill Tribe Rescue

  1. tom
    11 January, 2012

    I find this quite odd
    Why are their uniforms and food being suppled.

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