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BRIGHT BLESSINGS TO ALL OUR READERS from the editors and authors of Harlots Parlour.

THE EDITORS AND AUTHORS at HARLOTS PARLOUR would like to extend the seasons greeting this Yule to all of our readers.

I would like to extend a personal apology for being so behind in keeping everyone informed of things going on around the world and here in the UK over the last few weeks especially. Unfortunately personal family matters have taken quite a lot of my time recently. I hope however to publish a list of links to the best of recent articles, events and blogs over the holiday period. It is also my intention to publish the first of the promised interviews with real sex workers, activists and supporters in January.

I hope 2012 will, despite all the gloom and doom and the seemingly unstoppable advance of anti sex work propaganda; supported by monies donated from the public purse by politicians as well as private funding from religious groups and “some” businesses, who perhaps; (being generous) are caught up in the hysteria that seems to prevail.
Sex workers don’t want much, just evidence based policies and justice. Justice is such a small and such a simple word but it means so much.

So Bright blessing to all and I hope everyone enjoys this blessed holiday season and fingers (and everything else) crossed for a prosperous and happy 2012.

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